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Welcome to Precision Dentistry of Williamsburg

Meet Dr. McClintock

Dr. McClintock has a passion for working with patients to transform their smiles and restore their confidence. She likes to joke that her love for dentistry began at 18 months old when her front baby tooth was knocked out by her older sister. Her path was solidified when she learned first-hand how life-changing quality dentistry can be. To this day, her favorite part about being a dentist is the joy of giving patients new confidence in their own smiles.

Our Office

Precision Dentistry of Williamsburg is not your typical dental office. We’ve designed the space to actually make you forget you’re at the dentist. You won’t find any of the smells, sounds, or lights that are typical of a dental office. Rather, our space is relaxing and spa-like, with a minimalist design and warm, modern feel.

Our Services

All of our services rely heavily on thorough planning and diagnosis. Because of this, you’ll never receive a treatment that isn’t necessary or helpful for your oral health and well-being. We never, ever do things just to do them, or worse, just to make money. We’re highly intentional about which services we recommend, and we’ll always make sure you know the what, why, and how of our treatment recommendations. 

It’s Time to Smile with Precision Dentistry of Williamsburg!

There’s no time like the present to start investing in your smile. Give us a call today, or request an appointment online to get started on your dental journey!